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WS 1N Car Shampoo - WHITE SATIN 1 L


White Satin is a pleasantly-scented shampoo that’s strong enough to cut through tough dirt and road film, yet gentle enough not to irritate your skin or harm the existing layer of protection on your car. Special lubricants provide a “satiny” feel between your wash mitt and the paint and high sudsing aids in safely lifting dirt away from the surface. At a 1:500 dilution ratio, this car shampoo is highly economical which makes it suitable for high-volume car washes, professionals and enthusiasts alike. Ph neutral.


After a thorough pre-rinse or foaming, add shampoo to a bucket of water (1:500 dilution) and gently wash one panel at a time. Do not wash the vehicle in direct sunlight! Once the vehicle is clean then rinse with an open-ended hose for best results.

Ingredients: 15-30% Alcohols C12-C14, ethoxylated, sulfates, sodium salt; <5% Cocamide DEA, Ethoxylated fatty alcohol

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