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CARWASHING with Wolf’s chemical products

Wolf’s chemicals products are environmentally friendly, containing biodegradable base, hand and surfacefriendly, Ph neutral.

Advices for using shampoos

Always use the given rates in the manuals, we do not recommend taking more shampoo.

The washing should always began with Wolf’s prewasher, or gently watering the surface. Always use clear water with shampoo for washing, as the water gets dirty change it immediately.

Use microfibre sponge for every wash. Always keep your sponge clear.

Wash te car part by part, drain the shampoo from the surface the fastest possible, wipe the surface bonedry. Be wary when using water shredder.

Do not washing car in heavy sunshine.

Do not let the shampoo or the water dry ont he surface. If the surface got waterspotted, use quickwax (WQ 1N vagy WQ 2N) to make them disappear. Use the softest microfibre towel.