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You can search for the nearest Wolf's Chemicals distributor to you, as well as find an official Wolf's detailer. We are proud to say that every product from Wolf's Chemicals is designed and developed by ourselves, all original and no re-branding. Wolf's Chemicals detailing products can be found in several countries all around the world. We also offer excellent customer and product support so if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

If you are interested in being on our team as a distributor, please feel free to contact us!

Superior Finish Car Detailing

Address: 7/16-30 Argyle St, Camden NSW 2570

Tel: +61 424 548 314

Web: superiorfinishcardetailing.com

Email: superiorfinish1@hotmail.com

Detailing-pro studio Minsk

ул. Южная 8A (1 км. от авторынка Малиновка)

Tel: +375 29 1254142 (Детейлинг, Полировка, Химчистка)

Tel: +375 29 6054142 (Беспокрасочное удаление вмятин)

Web: detailing-pro.by

Email: info@detailing-pro.by

Detailing Bulgaria Sofia Bulgaria

Auto Obsessed

Address: Auto Obsessed 9635 - 63 Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta

Web: autoobsessed.com

Czech Republic
Iwash s.r.o.

Address: Marek Liška Prvního pluku 320/17 - 186 00 Praha 8

Tel: +420 601 329 947

Web: iwash.cz

Email: liska@iwash.cz

Projectech Oy

Address: Vakkarantie 292 Laitila Finland 23800

Web: autonhoitokauppa.fi


Address: LaCuraDellAuto.it
70026 Bari, Villa Delle Mimose
52 Modugno

Web: lacuradellauto.it

LLC Status fortis


Address: Huygensstraat 35 - 2652 XK Berkel en Rodenrijs -The netherlands

Web: carclean.nl

Email: informatie@carclean.nl


Address: Touwslagerij 15 - 4762 AT Zevenbergen -Nederland

Web: www.waxworld.nl

Republic of Korea
Luna Tech

Email: Luna Tech

Web: lunatech.co.kr

Tel: 02-6052-2073

Pop E. Ioan Alexandru PFA

Address: localitatea Gherla, jud. Cluj, str. G. Cosbuc nr. 31/1

Web: ingrijireauto.ro


Address: Beundeweg 41, 3033 Wohlen bei Bern

Web: autopflegeshop.ch

The United Kingdom
Altus Auto Care Ltd.

Address: 42 NHL, 90 Great Hampton Street, Birmingham, B18 6EU

Web: altusautocare.com

Email: CustomerService@AltusAutoCare.co.uk

The United Kingdom
Envy Car Care

Address: Regents Trade Park, Barwell Ln, Gosport PO13 0EQ, UK

Web: envyvaleting.co.uk

Email: info@envyvaleting.co.uk