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wheel cleaning

Alloy wheel cleaning with Wolf Chemical Ltd’s wheel cleaners

Wolf Chemical Ltd’s wheel cleaners does not contaning any harmful or non environmental friendly ingredients. Safely usable on lacquered surfaces.

Advices for the use:

Neutral wheel cleaner (WF 1P):

Always sprinkle onto dry surface. Always apply that much, which able to dample the dirt on the surface. The temperature of the environment and the product can also influence the success of the clean. In case of cold weather and product, the cleaning method is slower. Do not use on sunshine and hot surface..

You might use repeatedly in case of a highly dirty surface. If there is too much dirt, you need to clean with a brush. Apply surface protection after cleaning.

Nano wheel cleaner (WF 2N):

Remove heavy dirt from the wheel before using the product. You can use the Neutral Wheel Cleaner (Wf 1P) for it. Sprinkle it onto the surface and wipe it with a soft sponge so it can has its effect in a 100% on the whole surface. Leave it on the surface for a short time after wiping.

Use carshampood water for the cleaning in case the contaminant dryed onto the surface and you can not rinse with water. You can also use it on the wheels mounted on the car and in disassembled condition. The protective effect forms in every case.

Do not let the water dry on the surface and cause waterspots, so wipe the clean wheel with a microfibre towel.