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Nonpolarizing electrodes are used in geoelectrical and electromagnetic surveying especially in magnetotelluric (MT), resistivity, induced polarization (IP) and spontaneous potential (SP) measurements.

Our nonpolarizing electrodes are compatible with all receiver instruments including ADU (Metronix Geophysics), MTU (Phoenix Geophysics), ZEN (Zonge International), Syscal (IRIS Instruments), etc.

Product Features

Main fetures

Self (DC) potential of a couple: roughly 10 mV (shortly after manufacture)
Contact+internal resistance of a couple: 100-400 Ohm (shortly after manufacture, on normal ground)
Surface of the cheramic slab: 7 cm2
Mass: about 0.6 kg
Diameter (D): 60 mm
Height (H): 100 mm

The body-block of this electrode has been manufactured from a monolithic PP rod trough turning, and the holder of the ceramic slab (made of the same material as the block) join the block of the electrode by screw-thread and sealed by O-ring.The cable outlet-body join the block also by screw-tread and sealed by O-rings.

So this electrode is usable in the very wet environment moreover under water until pressure 10 at (for example in wells in depth about 100 m).