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WS 2N Nano car shampoo - NANO BATHE 1L


Nano Bathe is a specially blended shampoo designed to help preserve the hydrophobic properties of Wolf’s nano paint coatings and will also aid in prolonging the coating itself. Formulated with nano particles and added gloss enhancers, this shampoo will also leave a brilliant shine behind with every wash. Ph neutral.


Shake well before using! , as the nano particles tend to reside on the top of the shampoo! After a thorough pre-rinse or foaming, add shampoo to a bucket of water (1:750 dilution) and gently wash one panel at a time. Do not wash the vehicle in direct sunlight and store at +10 º C! Once the vehicle is clean, rinse it with an open-ended hose for best results.

Product Features