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WS 0N W & W Car Shampoo - MEAN GREEN 5 L


Wolf’s “Mean Green” is a specially blended car shampoo that requires no rinsing after washing, as it leaves no residue behind like normal shampoos, which makes it the perfect solution for those who wash their vehicles in areas where runoff water is prohibited or in areas with water restrictions. This advanced formula engulfs dirt and other contaminants, keeping them away from the surface to help prevent scratching during the wash process. Dilution ratio 1:500, pH neutral.


Shake well before using! Add 20-30 ml of product to 10 liters of water (1:500) and mix in gently. Wash the vehicle one panel at a time in the following manner: Soak the wash mitt in the solution well and gently wash the surface. Once the surface has been cleaned, dry it with a clean microfiber towel. Once the surface has been cleaned, rinse the wash mitt in the solution or in another clean bucket of water and repeat. Do not use in direct sunlight or on a hot surface! Store this product above 12 degrees Celsius!

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