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WS 1F Snow Foam Shampoo - YELLOW SNOW 5 L


Wolf’s Yellow Snow is a highly concentrated, foaming pre-wash designed to loosen debris and road grime from a vehicle’s surface before the washing stage. This pH neutral formula utilizes NATURAL solvents to break down contaminants and the thick, clinging foam helps to lift it from the surface for easy rinsing. Yellow Snow is a very economical pre-wash solution with effective dilution ratios of up to 1:20. Biodegradable!  PH neutral and wax safe!


For lightly soiled vehicles, a solution of 1:20 is recommended. For more heavily soiled vehicles, 1:10. Thoroughly cover the vehicle with Yellow Snow and leave to dwell for 3-6 minutes for best results. For very heavily contaminated vehicles a second pre-wash may be needed. Yellow Snow may also be used as a shampoo for washing and can be used through either a foam lance or pump sprayer. Do not use in direct sunlight!

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