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Wolf Moon Wax 100ML


Professional grade carnauba wax for all paint types and colors


"Wolf Moon carnauba wax is made with pure T1 carnauba and carefully chosen oils and gloss enhancers to give vehicles of any color an amazing, show-winning finish. Wolf Moon is an easy on, easy off wax and delivers unbeatable shine, depth and clarity! The depth and shine of Wolf Moon rivals waxes several times the price and its outstanding durability and chemical resistance will beat even the best of synthetic sealants on the market. Apply to clean paint! Claying the vehicle with Wolf's WC-1F or WC-1E clay bar and ""Pink Slip"" clay lubricant is recommended before application to ensure a clean surface. Apply a small amount of wax to a foam applicator and with straight motions, gently apply to the paint. Allow the wax to dry for 10-20 minutes before removing with a clean microfiber towel and switch to a clean side of the microfiber after each panel. Do not use in direct sunlight! Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from children!"

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