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Nano Dressing - TRIM COAT 150 ML


Like many other trim dressings on the market, Wolf’s WM 1NT dressing brings faded trim back to life, but also adds something to trim that most other dessings on the market don’t: nano protection. “Trim Coat” nano dressing is designed to penetrate the surface being treated instead of residing on the surface like many other dressings, which helps to better restore the natural look of the trim. This unique dressing has been combined with SiO2 nano particles to provide unparalleled durability, natural shine and hydrophobic properties.


On a clean surface, apply a thin and even layer of “Trim Coat” with an applicator pad or microfiber towel. For rubber trim that is heavily oxidized, it is recommended to clean the surface with WT 1N all purpose cleaner to remove all black rubber residue before application. Heavily oxidized surfaces may need more applications to restore, repeat if necessary or for added shine and protection. Remove excess product gently with a microfiber towel.

Product Features