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Nano Paint Sealant - MYSTERY JUICE 150 ML


Mystery Juice SiO2 coating is capable of forming a solid and very hard layer protection on painted surfaces. This extremely hydrophobic and durable coating will help protect against bird droppings, caustic chemicals and other contamination. Safe for use on all paint types and colors. For use by hand.

Use together with Nano Glaze and Nano Polish to achieve the best results.


Clean and prepare the entire painted surface with Wolf’s Nano Glaze and make sure that the surface is oil and contaminationfree. If Nano Glaze is used to prepare the surface, no other cleaners are necessary. With a coton or microfi ber applicator, apply a thin layer of the coating to the surface. Allow the coating to dry, weather dependent. Once the coating has dried, remove the residue with a clean microfi ber towel changing sides with the towel frequently. Treat one panel at a time. Allow 24-48 hours for the coating to cure and do not allow the surface get wet during this time. The total curing time of the coating is 3-6 days, depending on the weather.

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