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Nano Paint Sealant - Hard Body 150 ML


Wolf's Chemicals “Hard Body” SiO2 premium paint coating is the ideal solution for those seeking unmatched gloss, depth and reflectivity for their cherished automobiles. The amazing hydrophobic properties, protection against the elements (bird droppings, road grime, road salts, harsh chemicals) and durability are what make “Hard Body” truly shine though... the other properties are a bonus! May be applied by hand or via DA with a finishing pad.


For best results, clean the surface with Wolf’s “Shine & Seal” nano polish and “The Hybrid” nano glaze. With a foam applicator, clean cotton pad, piece of microfiber, or via DA with a finishing pad apply a thin layer of product to the surface with thorough, overlapping motions. Allow to dry for 15- 30 minutes and remove residue with a cleaner microfiber towel.To ensure 100% coverage and for added protection and shine, a second layer is recommended and after a minimum of 3 hours curing time. Full curing/hardening time is 72 hours. During the first 24 hours do not allow the surface to get wet, as this will affect the curing process! Suggested temperature of application is +12 degrees C. Do not apply to a hot surface or in direct sunlight!

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