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Nano Paint Sealant - Hard Body 150 ML


The nano paint sealant- Hard Body is a SiO2 based nano ceramic coating, which gives long-lasting protection for car paint. The surface is super-hydrophobic and therefore easy to clean. Strong composition protect the surface from smaller schratches. Ideal for beginner user, who getting know nano ceramic coating.
Its 150 ml bottle makes it ideal for professional users.


Apply on the properly prepared surface whit the nano paint sealent applicator (sponge whit mikrofiber cloth). For the best result, use the Wolf's nano polish and the Wolf's nano glaze to reparate of paint surface. Apply by mild pressure and parallel, then perpendicular make wape.
Video guide
Let it dry for 5 to 15 minutes. Then wipe it whit a micro fiber cloth to shine. Curing time is 24 hours. Full hardening 2-4 days. It is recommended to use above 15 ° C. The use of Hard Body in several layers of coating thickness increases the durability of the coating.To apply a new layer on the surface if after last layer curing is.

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