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Nano Textile Sealant - TEXTIL COAT 150ML


For treating automobile seats, carpets, convertible tops and other textile surfaces. This sealant creates a thin layer of protection on textiles, which helps to prevent dirt, other contaminants and liquids from penetrating the surface. This product will also help reduce wear and pilling on textiles and help to keep treated surfaces cleaner.


Clean the surface very well and allow to fully dry before application. Spray the desired area from about 10 cm distance and be sure to get even coverage. For best results, this sealant should be applied in temperatures above 15 °C (59 F). In these conditions, the sealant should be dry within 15-30 minutes. After allowing to dry, another coat is recommended to ensure even coverage. Please allow the sealant to fully cure for a minimum of 12 hours!

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