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Wolf Detailer Partner: WDP


As a member of WDP, we hand you over our proffesional car cosmetic knowledge and experiences. The education is theorical and practical as well. Our goal is to organise a ’car cosmetic club’ where the members are able to offer high quality service for their clients by using Wolf’s Chemical’s professional and nano car care products. The members are also able to meet with Wolf’s polishes, how they work, and the rotacional and DA(Dual Action) polishing techniques. Learn the features and our advices of the usage of Wolf’s carnauba waxes which you can protect the surfaces with. Even the methods, tools, and products of wich you need for washing a car protected by wax. The technologies and surface friendly products to use when washing a rim.

We introduce ,- beside the basic professional car care technologies, -, and help WDP members leading in, even building up the nano and nano ceramic coatings into their offerings, we show them the usable products, tools and also the technologies. In car care the ’super hidrophobe self-cleaning’ surface (lotus effect) could provide the most durable, and effective surface of the car’s interior and exterior, lacquer, windshield, external plastics, lether and textil. This durable surface allows to guarantee the nano and nano ceramic coatings.

We are making an contract with who wants to join WDP. This contract contains the discounts and the highest possible quality of the WDP education in detail.

Our partner in education: 2boyz.hu

We are supporting our WDP members with the followings :
fix discounts at every purchase, and bronse.- silver.- gold level after the amount of your yearly orders and after these, several other bonus discounts.

  • - free shipping on orders over 250 euro
  • - complete polishing systems and technologies for polishing: soft, normal, and hard lacquers.
  • complex polishes
  • glazes and wax pastes
  • polish toppings
  • environmentally friendly normal, waxy, nano shampoos and washing systems for the exterior care.
  • methods for cleaning textil and leather interiors, normal and nano systems for their care.
  • products and technologies for washing the engine bay
  • complete technologies for creating nano coatings.
  • lacquercoating (polish, surface filling, surface coating)
  • windshield coating system
  • rim coating system
  • coating system for exterior plastics
  • leather coating system
  • textilcoating system
  • marketing curriculum
  • recommendation on our website
  • Wolf diploma, and recommendation
  • Wolf’s clothes
  • - possibility for testing newly developed products before selling on the market.

I am interested in ’Wolf’s Car Cosmetics Partner’ membership, please send me the in detailed contract.

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