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WB 1N Spray on Protection - THE MASK 1 L


Bugs and other airborne objects can severely damage a car’s finish and waxes and sealants aren’t always enough to protect it. That’s why we’ve created “The Mask”: a clear, spray on film that dries to a hard shell and will help prevent damage from bugs, minor scratching and can even help prevent stone chips. Use it before taking your car to the mechanic’s, before a car show or before a long road trip... the uses are limitless!


On a clean surface, apply “The Mask” liberally to the desired area using a spray bottle and leave to dry. Do not assist the product in any way while it is settling, it will dry flat and clear on its own! To remove, simply wash with soap and water and reapply when necessary. DO NOT USE ON GLASS!

EUH210 - “Safety data sheet available on request.”

Product Features