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WO 1G Tire and Trim Gel - BLACK OUT 5 L


Wolf’s tire and trim dressing brings faded trim and tires back to life and provides a subtle “wet look” and very durable shine. Added UV protectants, essential oils and chemicals will help to rejuvenate dried out tires and trim thus prolonging their life expectancy.


Shake well before use! Clean the area to be treated very thoroughly with Wolf’s WT1G APC before application. Apply a small amount to an applicator pad or soft cloth and spread evenly on the desired area and make sure to overlap to ensure even coverage. Leave the product to dry and remove any excess product with a clean microfiber if necessary. The product may also be applied directly with a spray bottle. Simply spay it on a clean tire and leave it to soak in! Keep stored above +12ºC!

EUH210 - “Safety data sheet available on request.”

Product Features