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WP 1G Finishing Polish - JEWEL IT 500 ML


“Jewel It” finishing polish is the final step to an perfectly polished paint. Precision milled micro abrasives and a professionally developed formula ensure that this ultra fine polish leaves a stunning, high-gloss finish, ready to be protected with one of Wolf’s Chemicals carnauba waxes or a nano coating. Very little to no dusting, body shop safe and friendly to the environment and the user.


On a clean surface, spread the polish evenly at a low speed (rotary 600-900 RPM or DA 2-3) and then work the polish in at 1500-2200 RPM or DA 5-6 *depending on paint type and hardness* with moderate pressure and allow ample time for it to properly break down. Once corrected, reduce the polishing speed and continue polishing the surface until the desired level of refinement has been achieved. For use with a rotary polisher, DA or by hand.

EUH210 - “Safety data sheet available on request.”

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